Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Intoducing ZooBeeze of Bronx,NY

When did you start?

I started rapping when I was 9 and i started recording when I was 11. Been going ham since...

What inspires you?

What inspires me is the competition of it. When I hear a new song from  top artists' it makes me want to hit the studio right after. Also when anything touches me or makes me feel some type of emotion good or bad I try to express it through the music but definitely its the competition, the drive to be the best is what inspires me.

If you could perform anywhere in NY, where would it be!? (be specific)

My dream show would be at the Garden. I've always wanted to do a big show for my city on the biggest stage but right now I want to perform anywhere in NY. Really any venue that's interested in my sound is a good look for me

Describe your sound.

 I feel my sound is honest. Its polished but its still raw where underground heads can relate because I love gritty raw shit but I know you need a balance. So I see my sound as the perfect balance, or at least its being perfected lol

What is it about music that you love ?

I love music because music keeps the world alive. When something good happens people throw a party. Music makes people come together even when something bad happens you got someone on the organ sending your love one away. The music I listened to has shaped my life in a way. My generation period was raised on entertainment so we all have a love for the arts. I was geared to music as a child so I grew up feeling like this is what I'm supposed to do.

Name some of your favorite artist and explain why...

I don't have a favorite artist right now.... When I was a kid Cam'Ron was my nigga! lol but as I got older I started looking at artists as competition....like I said its part of the inspiration, but theres artists that give me inspiration that I have respect for but I wouldn't call them favorites.My favorite rap albums in no order are : Late Registration, Hard Knock Life Vol. 2, Come Home With Me, Get Rich or Die Tryin & Harlem: Diary of a Summer

If you could perform for anyone who would it be?

The World. The Entire World in a Stadium made for this event.

What's your most memorable moment an artist

Just seeing people enjoy my music.The positive feedback just knowing I'm on the right track its all little victories.

What projects are you currently working on?

Been Doing the Weekly Ham on Week 30 now. I just ran through 4 months with a mixtape for every month.I have six in total all for free on the internet Google Zoo Beeze it should take you where you trying to go. But I'm working on an EP right now called "Too Much Television" should be out in a few months got some visuals for some tracks that I've put out, booking shows, just grinding.

How can the people reach you?

All my Hamazoids can holla at me on Twitter: @ZooBeeze, Facebook.com/ZooBZ5, Check the Hams on Youtube.com/FamousAmos421 The mixtapes on DatPiff.com just type Zoo Beeze in the Search box. Too Much Television coming Soon Hann

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