Thursday, September 30, 2010

Introducing Elayna "E-Money" Lopez / Model

When/How did you start modeling ?

I started modeling since I was a baby honestly. I ALWAYS posed for
pictures and never missed a flash at like 3 years old. So I was always
the one loving to be in front of cameras. I got my start just by
friend's who had camera's having little dingy photo shoots during math
class and lunch time playing around.

What has been your most memorable modeling experience thus far?

I would have to say modeling for a French fashion magazine called
"Modzik" based in Paris. They stopped me on the street and commented
my look and said they wanted me to model for their magazine. Now, I'm
in a 4 page spread in Paris :)

If you could have a shoot anywhere in the city, where would you have
it? and why.

If I could, I would want to shoot in the train tunnels! I love dark,
grungy looks in shoots and there's graffiti people don't even know
about in those tunnels. I think the subway is a big representation of
New York.

What brand would you love to model for? and why.

Jeremy Scott all the way! he's so funky and colorful and isn't afraid
to use crazy patterns. I have a pair of spandex shorts by him that
look like watermelon with little seeds all over. He's iconic and I
could see myself in his Fashion Week shows totally.

How does New York City life and culture inspire your style?

It doesn't really inspire my style because my style is inspired by me
but NYC has brought me a whole new game. so many people live in this
city who have amazing style so it just pushes me harder to stay on top

Who inspires you ?

People from the early 90's.I grew up in the 90's and I want to keep
that fashion root within who I am, but also with a little twist of
punk rock and hip hop and glamour.

What projects are you currently working on?

I'm just focusing on my dancing career right now, so a lot of shows.
but for modeling, I'm just waiting for people to grab me while they
can :)

How can people get in contact with you ?

They can either wait to bump into me at a party or show and they can
also find me all over the Internet like facebook, twitter, and I just
got a cute tumblr :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Intoducing ZooBeeze of Bronx,NY

When did you start?

I started rapping when I was 9 and i started recording when I was 11. Been going ham since...

What inspires you?

What inspires me is the competition of it. When I hear a new song from  top artists' it makes me want to hit the studio right after. Also when anything touches me or makes me feel some type of emotion good or bad I try to express it through the music but definitely its the competition, the drive to be the best is what inspires me.

If you could perform anywhere in NY, where would it be!? (be specific)

My dream show would be at the Garden. I've always wanted to do a big show for my city on the biggest stage but right now I want to perform anywhere in NY. Really any venue that's interested in my sound is a good look for me

Describe your sound.

 I feel my sound is honest. Its polished but its still raw where underground heads can relate because I love gritty raw shit but I know you need a balance. So I see my sound as the perfect balance, or at least its being perfected lol

What is it about music that you love ?

I love music because music keeps the world alive. When something good happens people throw a party. Music makes people come together even when something bad happens you got someone on the organ sending your love one away. The music I listened to has shaped my life in a way. My generation period was raised on entertainment so we all have a love for the arts. I was geared to music as a child so I grew up feeling like this is what I'm supposed to do.

Name some of your favorite artist and explain why...

I don't have a favorite artist right now.... When I was a kid Cam'Ron was my nigga! lol but as I got older I started looking at artists as I said its part of the inspiration, but theres artists that give me inspiration that I have respect for but I wouldn't call them favorites.My favorite rap albums in no order are : Late Registration, Hard Knock Life Vol. 2, Come Home With Me, Get Rich or Die Tryin & Harlem: Diary of a Summer

If you could perform for anyone who would it be?

The World. The Entire World in a Stadium made for this event.

What's your most memorable moment an artist

Just seeing people enjoy my music.The positive feedback just knowing I'm on the right track its all little victories.

What projects are you currently working on?

Been Doing the Weekly Ham on Week 30 now. I just ran through 4 months with a mixtape for every month.I have six in total all for free on the internet Google Zoo Beeze it should take you where you trying to go. But I'm working on an EP right now called "Too Much Television" should be out in a few months got some visuals for some tracks that I've put out, booking shows, just grinding.

How can the people reach you?

All my Hamazoids can holla at me on Twitter: @ZooBeeze,, Check the Hams on The mixtapes on just type Zoo Beeze in the Search box. Too Much Television coming Soon Hann

Monday, September 6, 2010

Introducing FerimaFaye of Harlem NY

When did you start?

I started singing at the age of 10. I performed "Killing Me Softly" by The Fugees for a talent show at school. I got a standing ovation. My body left the stage that night but my heart never followed.

Who inspires you?

I am heavily inspired by the world around me, Art, Culture, Architecture, Colors, and Sounds. Take the time to look around and you can find inspiration Everywhere!

How does NY inspire you?

There is NO other place like New York City! It is a melting pot. The 5 boroughs will take you around the world without a flight.

I love the people on the train, their conversations, their fashion, their TALENT!

What is your most favorite place in NY?

Find me where the artists are, I'm from Harlem, which is historically The Artisic hub of NYC, though it seems there is a grande scale artistic movement taking place in BK! So, right now I'm loving the artist's of New York where ever they are...

Describe your sound.

My style is "Whatever YOU like" I am a classically trained vocalist. I can sing opera, swagg it out with the M.C's, Sooth you like the jazz greats, and rock you like Michael. It's quite interesting. I'll switch it up for whatever occasion!

What has been your most memorable gig as a singer?

Ah! there are SO many! Hmm... When I went to visit my grandmother in Cote D' Ivoire, West Africa, she got me a gig singing at The Governors Gala. He requested that I sing "I will always love you" by Whitney Houston. I thought it was gonna be an intimate event.

Turns out the governor rented an airplane hanger and had thousands of attendees...It was one of the largest crowds I'd every performed in front of, but I conquered that stage, and I'll never for the butterflies right before I sang

Who is your hero?

My Mother is my Shero! She gave me my entrepreneurial gene. Coming from Africa and getting into hair braiding, and enrolling in cosmetology school. She graduated with honors and worked in salons around the city. Then, to 18 yrs later open up her own salon! I love her Do It Yourself spirit!

What does singing do for you specifically?

Singing gives me a platform to connect with others on a spiritual level. It also gives me the opportunity to relay messages of positivity, and tell stories of what I've encountered in my life so to inspire or relate to other people around the world no matter what social, economic, or intellectual status.

What artist do you look up to and why?

I am really feeling Queen Latifah! She started as an M.C. and branched off into other areas of The Arts successfully, thus solidifying herself as an international media mogul.

What projects are you currently working on?

I just wrapped up a couple of features on Caseman Anderson's Debut Album called Eruption. Look out for his project set to release in the Fall.

Also, I was just added to the roster of a band called The Summarily Dismissed comprised of myself, Matt Lomeo, and our fabulous writer/composer/pianist Ari! We are backed by an amazing LIVE band and and are set to beginning performing heavily this fall. We also just completed our record so look out for that as well.

How can people reach you?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Sha'velle Davis/ Designer

Introducing Sha'velle Davis

How old are you?

 "My name is Sha'velle A. Davis I am 20 years old soon to be 21 October 1st."

 When/how did you start?

"I used to make outfits for my barbie dolls when I was younger about 8 or 9 years old I used a hand needle and thread. Seamstress or design runs in my family my great grandmother used to make outfits for my grandmother, my mom, uncles and aunts. My great aunt taught me to sew on the sewing machine when I was 12 years old.One of my best friends Keyana Caballero and I decided to create a line when we were in high school (I was 14 and she was 15). We debuted our line at a local fashion show and from there we kept going to do college fashion shows and any thing we were invited to."

 Who/what inspires you?

"Inspiration is the greatest word in the dictionary that goes for anything whether it be fashion or if you choose to go another path such as study law. I am inspired by everything from books I read to movies I watch, people and their personalities and moods. We all as humans react to everything. I may be moved by something I've seen, to maybe a song I've heard. It comes from anywhere for anyone. Who inspires me I would have to say my Aunt Sharon she is very talented and skillful in design and has never had any schooling. If it wasn't for her I'd be nothing. My friends such as Keyana Caballero she's very inspiring we have these talks on her roof just about fashion and whatever else."

 How does new York inspire your work?

"New York hmmm New York is a very diverse city, the people and their sense of fashion inspire me. Landmarks , streets, places. Let me just say settings inspire me here."

 Describe your brand.What kind of girl is your brand made for?

"My brand is By Any Means Necessary as quoted by the Late Malcolm X. Unique Creations for bold individuals.That pretty self explanatory but My target market is a female between the ages of 18-25. I'm more focused on my age group because that's exactly where I stand. I like to create garments that I can imagine myself in, and just pieces that are real eye-catchers."

What's has been your most memorable moment this far as a designer?

"My most memorable moment this far as a designer is I when I cried over a prom client I had. The sleeves were not coming out the way I wanted to so I went to my best friend Keyana's house so we could brainstorm and figure out how to create a pattern or drape a sleeve that would fit the way I wanted it to. I'm a very hard worker and I won't stop until I'm satisfied."

 What's your favorite place in New York? Why?

" Hmmm idk I have so many the first places that come to my mind are the garment district, Williamsburg in the summer, and Soho."

 What are 3 things you cant live without ?

Three things I can't not live without would be

1) my sewing machine
2) my iPhone
3) my flat iron

Who is your hero?

"My mother Mrs. Keisha Antoinette Davis-Coursey"

 If you could dress anyone in your clothing, who would it be?

"If I could dress anybody in my clothing it would be Naomi Campbell. I model as well and I idolize her."

What projects are you currently working on?

" I'm currently working on a new collection, a blog, and the launch of a website I'm not rushing the website I want everything to be planned accordingly as I manage my time between working and school."

Monday, August 30, 2010

Danny Borbon, Actor

Introducing Danny Borbon of Brooklyn, NY

When/How did you start?

"I started acting about two years ago. I've always wondered how it would feel to be in a movie and how to portray characters that tell stories. In high school I use to buy a lot of classic movies & try acting out the parts I thought I could play. I think that’s how I fell in love with acting. I found it easy to imitate and take out my anger for no reason. A couple of years ago I attended the showbiz expo here in NY, free of charge, empty handed. I was walking around with a badge that said "actor". I kept seeing people from all ages give out a headshot of themselves to the people behind the tables. I stopped by The Network's table and met an actor who is a good friend of mines now. He saw how lost I was, so he gave me his card and told me I was at the right place at the wrong time, and to meet him some other time. We eventually met and he introduced me this crazy industry I'm in that I love so much."

Who/What inspires you?

"I would have to say my dad mostly. He's had such an influence on everything I've done and do, & I mean that in both positive and negative ways. Also I'd have to say rising stars like, George Katt, & Phil John, & Manny Perez who just released his movie “La soga”, his breakthrough role as an actor, in my eyes. Jay-Z as well, I cant forget him."

How does NY inspire you?

"New York is a movie set in itself, everywhere you go you have a beautiful shot, the lights, the hoods, the diversity. I'm a 30 minute train ride away from the greatest city in the world, the city people from all over the world dream of stepping on. The worlds greatest artists are from NY. I think its Brooklyn that makes me so ambitious.

Whats your most memorable acting gig?
"My most memorable acting gig would be this film I did in May. It's called "Colors". We were shooting in a cemetery my 1st time ever in a cemetery and I got to shoot a movie in it! What made it so memorable was how bad the weather was, but how good we all worked together. The cast and crew were incredible. The film was directed by Martin Rosete who's won over 90 awards internationally, along with his brother. Every single person on set was a beauty, we all got along and became good friends after."

Whats one of the biggest obstacles you had to overcome to get the point you are now / How have you changed because of these challenges?

"My biggest obstacle so far was trying to find a way to tell my parents I'm quitting school to pursue acting, and actually telling them. My dad took it the hardest, but it made me stronger because I truthfully freed myself. Everyday I would lie to them and put on excuses, and as time went by, and success started coming.I had the proof to let them know what I'm doing, is actually what I want to do for the rest of my life. I was wasting my time studying liberal arts where I could be studying acting. That took a lot of from me telling them, but it made my life easier as a person".

Who are your hero's?
"My heroes will have to be those who never let anything or anybody stop them. Johnny Depp, Bill Gates, Robert Kiyosaki, most importantly Jay-Z. I'm from Marcy projects and my biggest goal is to get out the projects, and to see Jay-Z where is he right now, to me is more than inspirational."

Who are some of your favorite actors/Who would you compare your acting style to?
Some of my favorite actors would be Daniel Day Lewis, John Malkovich, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, I have a lot, but those really get to me. I wouldn't compare myself to anybody yet because I still have a lot to work on, but if I had to choose my style, I would say Jeffery Wright, or Manny Perez.

What projects are you currently working on?
I just wrapped up a short called "La Familia" directed by Harry B, based on misunderstandings and consequences. I am currently working on another short called "Thicker Than Water". What I am really looking forward to, is this apprentice program I'm going to do at The Barrow Group Theater this fall.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sarah Dawson, Designer

When did you start?

 I have been doing art since I could pick up a pencil but I specifically started designing clothes towards the end of middle school, but I didn't start taking it as serious as I do now until I started high school.

Who/what inspires you?

 Wow,  there's so many things. Growing up in my family alone is inspiring. We are a family that revolves around art and music. I'm also inspired by old shows and movies like lolita as well as not so old shows like the nanny. And a daily inspiration is just being in NYC, there's always something to pull inspiration from in the city.

How do you think the city of New York inspire the fashion world?
New york city is a very fast pace city and it moves as quickly as trends have been changing nowadays. New york is always finding ways to make something new and fresh based off of its original beauty.

How does it inspire you?
It inspires me to always take risk; it makes me want to try and anything and be strong about ant critique I get because it can only make me better.

What has been your  most memorable gig thus far?
I guess my most memorable 1 would have to be my own fashion show. Me and two of my friends as well as fashion designers put on a fashion show about a year ago. It was a lot of fun the day of the show but planning it was hell. Next time I know to get someone else to take care of all the planning so all I have to focus on is my collection.

Describe your brand.

 Sada is a very fun brand. I guess my signature style, when it comes to womens wear, is a lolita/baby doll look but my brand is always trying something new since I'm always learning something new and getting inspiration from something. I am my brand and it reflects me and what gets my attention and interest.

If you could design for anyone ( dead or alive) who would it be?
 The only person I would truly want to work under is Betsey Johnson, she was probably the first designer that showed me a whole different side to fashion that I didn't see when I was growing up. She had her own style and ran by her own trends and her clothes are so playful.

Who are some of your favorite designers and models?
Betsey Johnson
Jeremy Scott
Oscar de la renta
christian Dior
Chanel iman
Liya kebede
Noemie lenoir

Name 3 things you cant live without.


How can people contact you?

What projects are you currently working on?
I'm currently working on making signature pieces for an up and coming musical artist. Other than that I've been doing a lot of custom orders and just waking up and randomly making stuff. :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Lauryn Hill X Rock The Bells from Yaya Martinez on Vimeo.

Tiffany Johnson, Stylist/Rapper/Singer/Dancer/Model

Introducing Tiffany Johnson of Harlem , NY

When did you start each of your crafts?

"I've been singing for as long as I can remember , I started writing my own raps in my recent years (in 2006). I started dancing at the Dance Theatre of Harlem in elementary school and continued in Harlem PAL for years after . Styling started for me in 2007. I've grown very interested in the way clothes look and work together on people ."

Who/what inspires you ?

"I get inspired really easily , I can say I have a different inspiration for every one of my talents but its basically anything or anyone for that matter , who dares to be different and go for what they want . I hate the ordinary ."

Most memorable gig ?

"My most memorable gig would have to be between two that I had , Fashion week in 2006 and a Nike photoshoot in 2007 ."

If you could collaborate ( musicly) with anyone who would it be?

"I've always wanted to collab with Missy elliott , Diddy Timbaland ."

Who do you listen to ( music) ?

"I listen to every one but my top favorite artist are Jadakiss , Lupe Fiasco , Cam'ron as far as hip hop goes ."

Whose your favorite designer/sylist ?

"My favorite stylists are Rachel Zoe , and Patricia Fields ."

What different styles of dance are you into?

"I'm really big on hip hop modern , ballet , tap dancing , and contemporary ."

With so many different crafts, How do you manage to remain fresh in all areas?

"I didn't let a lot of my talents out until recently , but basically its more of the love for what I do that keeps me fresh . Plus I add my own swagger to everything : )"

How does New York inspire you ?

"New york inspires me in every way , you can find fashion and music in everything . There's so many different cultures to play off of living in NY , I honestly wouldn't have it any other way ."

What projects are you currently working on?

"I'm currently working on an EP , with my producer J Tell , we're basically trying to give the hip hop and pop world an introduction of me . I'm also working on my stylist portfolio && a photo shoot which should be done really soon ."

How can people reach you?

Facebook : Tiffany Johnson
Twitter : TiffStarVintage
MM :

Joshua Bazemore, Model/Actor/Rapper

Introducing Joshua Bazemore of Brooklyn, NY

Most memorable rapping/acting/modeling gig?


"The most memorable rapping gig I would have to say is just being in the studio, which isn't really a gig but its definetly moments I will never forget. Just watching the track come from nothing into something is always beautiful. Then I get the chills in my body like its all new.I guess you get excited when you hear yourself threw speakers and everybody is rocking to it."


"The most memorable acting gig I would have to say was " Sex and the City 2". It was the first time I was on the set of a big production and  I met alot of people on set. Even tho I did background work and had a small role (which didn't make the film), it still was a beautiful and unforgettable moment.I'll never forget that."


Even tho I've done "Versace" and Japanese magazines like " Warp Magazine" I still will have to say the most
memorable moment is my first modeling gig which was " Marie Claire Magazine".I never thought I would see myself in that position.I  really never thought I'll see myself in any of these positions.I definetly have to thank the most high for these talents and experiences.

Which of your three crafts do you enjoy most?

"I will have to say music because of the fact its my first love and I've been around it all my life.
My dad is a DJ and just growing up with cassette tapes around the house always made me wonder
what did it take for me to be that person on the tape. Then in my early teen years I discovered that my cousin also did hip hop which was really dope to me. He introduced me to the studio and help me experience the hip hop environment from a different perspective.I always thought it was about hardcore music and gangster rap being that I'm a kid from Brooklyn,came to found out it was false (laughs). So as I grew up and I got into my late teens I got more acquainted with the artist side more than the rap side.

Who/what inspires you?

"I will have to say negativity and people who are below standards are the ones who inspired me because without them I don't think I will know what's right and whats wrong.The artist who inspired me were creative and unique people like Kanye West (the whole G.O.O.D Music),Ryan Leslie,Big,Jay and Outkast. Just people who aren't your typical and ordinary musicians. It's just fascinating to me how the mind thinks smh. Creativeness is wicked when it comes to music"

How do you manage your different crafts while remaining strong and fresh in each?

"Well just believing in what others cant do is how I manage.I never believed in being an "upcoming" person because I strongly believe my skill itself have already made it and its not like I'm a cocky person or confident but I'm just so sure that I made it already. Its a great mindset and I don't think it will ever reset.

As far as rapping goes, how would describe your style?

"My style would have to be an edgy,pure (raw) hip hop but yet in a artistry way. Alot of people just keep it raw,edgy and hip hop which is cool but in today's game it seems like it doesn't matter who has the best bars or who has the hottest flow,what matters is who can create a song and make it different from what you hear from your typical artist."

How do you think New York inspires what you do in all the arenas you cover?

"Well NY is a place where people are constantly working so I always felt like I  needed to be that white man in the business suit lol.I know it sounds weird but this is a place where dreams and opportunities get accomplished. So I always really wanted to be apart of that school of fish"

What projects are you currently working on?

"Well right now I'm working on some music with Hollywood producer Riffin Guess who also produced music for Kanye West, R.Kelly, Busta Rhymes, Good Charlotte, Weezer, Andre 3000, Eminem, Metallica, Velvet Revolver, 50 Cent, Matisyahu and many more.Theres no specific project as of now but I know an album will be in the works pretty soon. You'll be able to pick it up at best buy,itunes etc.So when its done, please look out for that"

How can  the people reach you?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Brian Henry aka Hollow Dreamz, Dancer/ Choreographer

Introducing Hollow Dreamz of BrooKlyn,NY




When did you start ?

" Around the age of 8 "

How did you get your nick name?

" My best friends dance name is Nightmare for his character and we are like 2 sides of a coin that's where I got " Dreamz " but it didn't fully fit because you would think he was the  scary one (when its was other way around lol) so I added Hollow in front of Dreamz makin HollowDreamz, because Hollow means empty. At the same time, I'm an anime head and a Hollow is a soul devoured by darkness. I feel that's my bad side where Dreamz is my good one. It goes half and half and when I dance I show it because sometimes I'm playful but other times I'm just a beast but I'm always endlessly creative, like a Dream "

"Who/what inspires you?

" I was shown videos of Mr. Animation and also some dancers I would see practice in the park ."

At what point did you know for a fact this what you wanted to do?

"Around the age of about 15 I realized if I wasn't dancing I wasn't happy so I found myself obsessed."

What is one of your most memorable gigs?

" I'd say one where I was in jersey (it was a simple show) I danced and whatever but on way home we passed a club with my friend and they thought we were strippers ! So we stripped crazy that night.After we left with our tips, we hit Ihop and didn't even have to pay because three Spanish guy who were so "turn't up" offered us to sit with them and had a blast and they paid the check but then we missed our train back to the city and had to pay for a 100$ cab smh "

What type of dance do you specialize in?

" I would say Krump and street dancing even though I've done different styles of dance this has been my passion and focus "

What kind of music do you dance to?

" Depends but mainly Buck Traxx which is Krump music or anything wit like a hip hop feel with a good enough amount of base in it "

Describe your style.

" My style would be like beastly non-human because I focus on avoiding the average movements.And character, I try to be very convincing as something that would be able to rip you in two =P "

Who are some of your favorite dancers ?

" Rapture, Raskel, Ryat, Mijo, (Krumpers) Pacman, Madd Chad (poppers) BBoy Menace and probably a few more but can't think of them right now "

How does New York inspire you?

" Everything about it ! The feel, its impact on who I am and how I live. I rep NY when I dance all the time. You can tell I'm from NY from my cap to street character, even though I'm an open nice guy it just drips off me. Coming up here is hard, but I feel it gives you an advantage because you get use to things never being easy so you stay hungry for life. But it can break also you, whereas for me I don't like to break "

What projects are you currently working on?

"Actually this fall will be teaching at Henry Street Settlement Abrons Dance Theater.So im working on choreo for my students.The show they do every year during the holidays called "Nutcracker In The Lower" I played Rat King before but this time I'm choreographing the whole Rat Piece it should be interesting "

Sunday, August 22, 2010

+ Best Friends Forever

Gabrielle Union & Sanaa Lathan

Rihanna & Katie Perry

Maxwell & Nas

Chris Brown & Teyana Taylor

Dania Ramirez & Kelis

Jennifer Garner & Jessica Biel

Tim Burton & Jonny Depp

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cheril Sanchez, Photographer

Introducing Cheril Sanchez of Bronx, NY

When did you start?

"I became interested in photography during my sophomore year of high school. I joined the school photo club, did one round and never went back. Not by choice, but irresponsibility. Everything else I've learned through research and experience."

 What is photography to you?

"Photography to me is my back bone. As of now I'm very set on pursuing photography as a career. I am usually at my worst when I don't have a camera. If I don't have the equipment I want, I begin suffering from lack of motivation and that's the worst! Photography is my outlet."

 How is your prospective of photography unique? Describe your photographic style.

"I am obsessed with symmetry in my photos! The picture must be as straight as can be. You know when you take a picture of the horizon and you want it to be completely straight. Well that's how I feel about the photos I take. Or maybe it's a minor case of OCD? haha"

 Do you remember your first photo?

"I don't think I can remember the first photo I took, but I know that before becoming passionate about photography, I was never in pictures with friends because I'd always be the one taking it. "

 What is one of your most memorable gigs?

"My most memorable gig (it wasn't paid it was for my portfolio) happened about 3 years ago. I decided to shoot one of my friends at the beach, in the middle of November. When I got there my batteries died, my model had to walk covered in a blanket to the nearest store, and I when we finally started shooting I couldn't feel my fingers pressing the shutter. It was so cold, I felt so bad for my model. But it happens."

How do you think New York City inspires your work?

"I love New York and it drives me to succeed, but I hate shooting in the city. I prefer a more natural backdrop then so many buildings. It's so hard to find locations to shoot in since I don't want to shoot in a park every single time. Apart from that, I'm very glad to live here because there are opportunities in every corner. There are so many places you can call that might offer you an intern position at their company. But then you have to really impress them."

If you could shoot anyone,in any time period who would it be?

"If I had the chance to shoot anybody I wanted, I would shoot Freja Beha. Or maybe Eniko Mihalik, I think they are exceptional models and total opposites. From the past I would shoot my grandma because I have no idea what she looked like when she was younger and I really wish I did. Everybody has a picture of their grandma young except me :[ "

Who are some of your favorite photographers?

"I have a couple of favorite photographers but my top two are Greg Kadel and Tom Munro (fashion photographers). You can see a similarity in their style, that's probably why I like them both "

What is your favorite photography trick?

"My favorite photography trick up to date is the af-l (auto focus lock) button. Because sometimes my lens feel like acting up and I have more control over it when I hold the button to snap away."

What projects are you currently working on?

"Right now I am working on expanding my experience and my portfolio. I'm looking for models to shoot. They don't have to be 5'8 - 5'11 (though a major plus), just have a face and body I would be interested in working with."

Contact Cheril !!

Facebook : Cheril Sanchez

Friday, August 20, 2010

This is why I do it..

Although the response I've been getting from this has been great, I know some people have their suspicions or uncertainties concerning my cause. All I'm trying to do is ENCOURAGE. I ask you questions that will jog your memory. Some will take you back to the first time you started your craft, and remind you why you love it so much. Other questions will show you the face of someone who is inspiration to you. It is easy to forget why you love what you do when everything seems to be going wrong or you  have lack of encouragement. Its hard when everyone is telling you to work a job that doesn't fulfill you or go to school when your not feeling it. Negative words from people you love and continuing to work hard all on your own are reasons young people lack ambition.I am here to inspire you, and through your inspiration I will be inspired. I'm trying to stir-up the dreams of every young person in the WORLD until the pot flows over and everyone that who doubted us and had negative words to give will have no choice but embrace and credit our talent.

Thank you for your support. Please Keep at IT!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lehman College

Long Island City,Queens

Bedford Park Boulevard

Ivan Leon, Dancer/Choreographer

Introducing Ivan Leon of Harlem,NY

When did you start dancing?

"From the time I can remember, I was always dancing. At all my family events I would grab one of my aunts and she would always dance with me. I guess you can say she was the first one to push me to dance even at a young age, and without even a thought of being a professional dancer."

What/who inspires you?

"When it comes to inspiration I have a cumulative of people and things that inspire me. I speak for myself when I say that things inspire me and my life not just my ideal career of being a dancer.I look at people like Jennifer Lopez who had a big role of inspiring me while growing up because I seen how when she became big she took the industry in the grips of her hands and made an empire and a name out of herself. It was the fact that she was considered multi- talented. And even when I was young I knew I wanted to dance, act, design, write music, direct.. All these things and Bam! J.Lo made me see I don't have to do one thing I can do it all. Love inspires me, sex inspires me all the time and I know its a weird but inspiration inspires as well. Someone else who recently has been inspiring me has been Mariah Carey and Ciara (all women I know) Mariah is someone who had this voice but it was her love of her craft that inspires me most,she writes all her music (and made millions doing so) and produces. All this with no fashion line, no perfume, no endorsements, no fashion stylist or publicity stunts. It's that that makes me want to learn everything about dance and how to use it to entertain millions of people. In terms of Ciara I look at the fact that she's so humble and no matter how many haters knock her down..she keeps going. She a unbelievable dancer and its natural look at what goes on in her career and say! No matter what people say Ivan keep doing you.."

What different styles are you into?What do you specialize in?

"Right now I am so into the "soft movements" and I guess Less complicated choreography only because if a dance is "so easy" the harder it is to perform and bring it to life.At least from dancers that I am around on a daily basis.Things like Aaliyah's "Rock the Boat", Janet Jackson's "If "and "That's the way love goes.."

In terms of my dancing ,I really for some reason feels so connected to reggae and dance hall music/ and dancing.That's one area that I am 100% confident in my ability to destroy/demolish someone in a battle. I think its because it comes so natural to my body. I can never stay still."

What has been your most memorable gig since you've started dancing?

"I have a few. When I was in high school my dance team that I started performed at a NYC competition called Music Fest and we won second place; but the reason why this was unforgettable was because I had this crazy idea (after one of my good friends choreographed to Freakum Dress by Beyonce) that the girls
in my group would wear double outfits and the curtains will close and BAM ! they would appear in a freakum dress and no one would expect it. It was seeing that moment and hearing the crowd go nuts that I realized never to doubt my "visions" (as my friends call it) or what I see in my mind and to trust myself.

Another other moment was my 1st paid dance job with a modern company Called MAD about dance. I never danced modern in my entire life, it was such hard work and I was pushed and pushed in the right ways and learned so much from a directors view point, as a dancer,and as a person..And I got paid for my hard work!"

Favorite Choreographers?

" Love Love Tina Landon! ( She's done everyone in their mother! From Janet,J.Lo,Ricky Martin,Britney Spears,Christina Aguleira,King of Pop,Ciara,) I mean the list goes on.

Paula Abdul is the bomb when you see her stuff.. And her stage work you see her technique.. Amazing!

Jamaica Craft ( she does a lot of Ciara's choreography) I like her because she mixes the way we would dance at parties into choreography. And she always puts one move in Ciaras stuff that I'm like "That is so hot!!"

Tricia Miranda, I found her on YouTube and I'm in love with her work, she even wrote to me on twitter I was so happy!"

Favorite Dancers?

"I love Danielle Polanco,Blake Macgrath.(they to me, are the epitome of what dancers should be)

I also have friends that can also count as some of my favorite dancers. One of my best friends Mel who is just amazing,he's so versatile and has a great understanding of dance in every aspect of the word! He is a DANCER! And Right now My friend Jamy,she has this performance aspect that I haven't seen in a while! There are so many people I'm around and dance with! I take something from each to try to be better. "

Who are some of the artists you like to dance to?

"I would love to dance for Ciara..Janet..Jlo..Usher..Chris brown, all artist who can actually that way I won't be held back or suppressed..

How do you think the city of New York influences the dance world?

" I mean I thinks its the fact New York City is so diverse; it almost seems like this city is the center of the world. NYC is all I know, I see so much drive! Passion and Ambition. It is crazy..I just came from London and honestly NYC will destroy every dancer over there!! I Love London though.. "

What projects are you currently working on?

"Right now I dance with a hip hop Group called World Class.

I am working on some stuff that will focus on myself rather then a group, so I'm gearing up to go professional.. So I'll be doing head shots, dance photos, some videos, and showcasing things that you wouldn't see of my while dancing with my group.

I am also working on this project with two other people called Jane all female group. I am so happy with the direction of this female group, I think I can finally be creatively free.I guess you can say I'll be one of the Creative director,I shouldn't even be talking about this..don't want to jinx it.

I will also be in a play in October.. Flexing my acting skills.."

As a dancer, what is the most important thing you feel you have to offer to the dance world?

"The funny thing is,It's not even my dancing that I think I have to offer the dance world, it's my ideas.The things I see in my mind that I know I can make come to life the right way.It's the way I lead, the way I fight for what I believe in, the fact I have standards and won't except anything less, the way I am willing to learn( an ongoing process). I sound so cocky, but I believe in my answer!  "

If you could dance with any one person (dead or alive) who would it be?

"I guess everyone would say Michael Jackson and I mean who wouldn't..but I'd pick CIARA.. "

If you could dance in front of any one person (dead or alive) who would it be?

"I would love the chance to dance in front of my Grandma if she was alive.. She only seen me when I was just starting..."


Facebook : Ivan Leon
Twitter : Ivane202