Thursday, September 30, 2010

Introducing Elayna "E-Money" Lopez / Model

When/How did you start modeling ?

I started modeling since I was a baby honestly. I ALWAYS posed for
pictures and never missed a flash at like 3 years old. So I was always
the one loving to be in front of cameras. I got my start just by
friend's who had camera's having little dingy photo shoots during math
class and lunch time playing around.

What has been your most memorable modeling experience thus far?

I would have to say modeling for a French fashion magazine called
"Modzik" based in Paris. They stopped me on the street and commented
my look and said they wanted me to model for their magazine. Now, I'm
in a 4 page spread in Paris :)

If you could have a shoot anywhere in the city, where would you have
it? and why.

If I could, I would want to shoot in the train tunnels! I love dark,
grungy looks in shoots and there's graffiti people don't even know
about in those tunnels. I think the subway is a big representation of
New York.

What brand would you love to model for? and why.

Jeremy Scott all the way! he's so funky and colorful and isn't afraid
to use crazy patterns. I have a pair of spandex shorts by him that
look like watermelon with little seeds all over. He's iconic and I
could see myself in his Fashion Week shows totally.

How does New York City life and culture inspire your style?

It doesn't really inspire my style because my style is inspired by me
but NYC has brought me a whole new game. so many people live in this
city who have amazing style so it just pushes me harder to stay on top

Who inspires you ?

People from the early 90's.I grew up in the 90's and I want to keep
that fashion root within who I am, but also with a little twist of
punk rock and hip hop and glamour.

What projects are you currently working on?

I'm just focusing on my dancing career right now, so a lot of shows.
but for modeling, I'm just waiting for people to grab me while they
can :)

How can people get in contact with you ?

They can either wait to bump into me at a party or show and they can
also find me all over the Internet like facebook, twitter, and I just
got a cute tumblr :)

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