Monday, August 2, 2010


I remember waking up the day after my High school graduation wondering " What the hell next ?!?! ". Should I be jumping right into the workforce? Should I wait it out and have a little summertime fun? When should I start my career? Its like I knew where I wanted to go in life,but I didn't know what avenue to use to attain it. That was the hardest thing for me. I'm not typing this post from a loft apartment or some corner office in the city, I'm still finding my nitch.After many failed attempts to finding a job (going down to Soho and putting in apps everywhere and getting NO CALL BACKS), being in school like "What am I doing here?"... I just learned to do things that I like to do and try to get better at them.I'm still doing things I enjoy and things that I'm good at and trying to use these talents to somehow be successful. NEVER GIVE UP. Its easy to get discouraged when the chips are down and the odds are against you, but EVERYONE is good at something! In order for this world to be fully functional and prosperous, everyone should be working at their full potential. Even for the people who feel like you came from nothing and you have no resources to take advantage of ,start small and make your goals bigger and bigger every time you accomplish one. Stay ambitious and stay positive NO MATTER WHAT. I know how it feels when it seems like Everyone has something negative to say about you, telling you what you can't do or telling you your goals are silly.The people who tell you your too fat or too skinny, you need experience or your goals seem outlandish..I don't want to call them haters but they should definitely inspire you. Make them believe in you the same way you believe in yourself, just make sure you do believe in yourself.

I didn't mean to preach to you guys, I just really want this blog to be encouraging to everyone.For people who feel like "They've made it", for the people who continue to Try and just Fail and for the people who don't know where to start........ BE Encouraged and STAY Ambitious.


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