Monday, August 30, 2010

Danny Borbon, Actor

Introducing Danny Borbon of Brooklyn, NY

When/How did you start?

"I started acting about two years ago. I've always wondered how it would feel to be in a movie and how to portray characters that tell stories. In high school I use to buy a lot of classic movies & try acting out the parts I thought I could play. I think that’s how I fell in love with acting. I found it easy to imitate and take out my anger for no reason. A couple of years ago I attended the showbiz expo here in NY, free of charge, empty handed. I was walking around with a badge that said "actor". I kept seeing people from all ages give out a headshot of themselves to the people behind the tables. I stopped by The Network's table and met an actor who is a good friend of mines now. He saw how lost I was, so he gave me his card and told me I was at the right place at the wrong time, and to meet him some other time. We eventually met and he introduced me this crazy industry I'm in that I love so much."

Who/What inspires you?

"I would have to say my dad mostly. He's had such an influence on everything I've done and do, & I mean that in both positive and negative ways. Also I'd have to say rising stars like, George Katt, & Phil John, & Manny Perez who just released his movie “La soga”, his breakthrough role as an actor, in my eyes. Jay-Z as well, I cant forget him."

How does NY inspire you?

"New York is a movie set in itself, everywhere you go you have a beautiful shot, the lights, the hoods, the diversity. I'm a 30 minute train ride away from the greatest city in the world, the city people from all over the world dream of stepping on. The worlds greatest artists are from NY. I think its Brooklyn that makes me so ambitious.

Whats your most memorable acting gig?
"My most memorable acting gig would be this film I did in May. It's called "Colors". We were shooting in a cemetery my 1st time ever in a cemetery and I got to shoot a movie in it! What made it so memorable was how bad the weather was, but how good we all worked together. The cast and crew were incredible. The film was directed by Martin Rosete who's won over 90 awards internationally, along with his brother. Every single person on set was a beauty, we all got along and became good friends after."

Whats one of the biggest obstacles you had to overcome to get the point you are now / How have you changed because of these challenges?

"My biggest obstacle so far was trying to find a way to tell my parents I'm quitting school to pursue acting, and actually telling them. My dad took it the hardest, but it made me stronger because I truthfully freed myself. Everyday I would lie to them and put on excuses, and as time went by, and success started coming.I had the proof to let them know what I'm doing, is actually what I want to do for the rest of my life. I was wasting my time studying liberal arts where I could be studying acting. That took a lot of from me telling them, but it made my life easier as a person".

Who are your hero's?
"My heroes will have to be those who never let anything or anybody stop them. Johnny Depp, Bill Gates, Robert Kiyosaki, most importantly Jay-Z. I'm from Marcy projects and my biggest goal is to get out the projects, and to see Jay-Z where is he right now, to me is more than inspirational."

Who are some of your favorite actors/Who would you compare your acting style to?
Some of my favorite actors would be Daniel Day Lewis, John Malkovich, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, I have a lot, but those really get to me. I wouldn't compare myself to anybody yet because I still have a lot to work on, but if I had to choose my style, I would say Jeffery Wright, or Manny Perez.

What projects are you currently working on?
I just wrapped up a short called "La Familia" directed by Harry B, based on misunderstandings and consequences. I am currently working on another short called "Thicker Than Water". What I am really looking forward to, is this apprentice program I'm going to do at The Barrow Group Theater this fall.

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