Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cheril Sanchez, Photographer

Introducing Cheril Sanchez of Bronx, NY

When did you start?

"I became interested in photography during my sophomore year of high school. I joined the school photo club, did one round and never went back. Not by choice, but irresponsibility. Everything else I've learned through research and experience."

 What is photography to you?

"Photography to me is my back bone. As of now I'm very set on pursuing photography as a career. I am usually at my worst when I don't have a camera. If I don't have the equipment I want, I begin suffering from lack of motivation and that's the worst! Photography is my outlet."

 How is your prospective of photography unique? Describe your photographic style.

"I am obsessed with symmetry in my photos! The picture must be as straight as can be. You know when you take a picture of the horizon and you want it to be completely straight. Well that's how I feel about the photos I take. Or maybe it's a minor case of OCD? haha"

 Do you remember your first photo?

"I don't think I can remember the first photo I took, but I know that before becoming passionate about photography, I was never in pictures with friends because I'd always be the one taking it. "

 What is one of your most memorable gigs?

"My most memorable gig (it wasn't paid it was for my portfolio) happened about 3 years ago. I decided to shoot one of my friends at the beach, in the middle of November. When I got there my batteries died, my model had to walk covered in a blanket to the nearest store, and I when we finally started shooting I couldn't feel my fingers pressing the shutter. It was so cold, I felt so bad for my model. But it happens."

How do you think New York City inspires your work?

"I love New York and it drives me to succeed, but I hate shooting in the city. I prefer a more natural backdrop then so many buildings. It's so hard to find locations to shoot in since I don't want to shoot in a park every single time. Apart from that, I'm very glad to live here because there are opportunities in every corner. There are so many places you can call that might offer you an intern position at their company. But then you have to really impress them."

If you could shoot anyone,in any time period who would it be?

"If I had the chance to shoot anybody I wanted, I would shoot Freja Beha. Or maybe Eniko Mihalik, I think they are exceptional models and total opposites. From the past I would shoot my grandma because I have no idea what she looked like when she was younger and I really wish I did. Everybody has a picture of their grandma young except me :[ "

Who are some of your favorite photographers?

"I have a couple of favorite photographers but my top two are Greg Kadel and Tom Munro (fashion photographers). You can see a similarity in their style, that's probably why I like them both "

What is your favorite photography trick?

"My favorite photography trick up to date is the af-l (auto focus lock) button. Because sometimes my lens feel like acting up and I have more control over it when I hold the button to snap away."

What projects are you currently working on?

"Right now I am working on expanding my experience and my portfolio. I'm looking for models to shoot. They don't have to be 5'8 - 5'11 (though a major plus), just have a face and body I would be interested in working with."

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