Sunday, August 15, 2010

Denardo Jenkins, Stylist

Intoducing Denardo Jenkins of Brooklyn NY

When did you start Styling ?

"I actually started styling in college [personal shopping aspect and styling for fashion shows] But became a business a year ago"

How would you define our cities fashion ?

"Our cities fashion is just as diverse as the individuals that live here, any genre of style is here [you will see it on the streets]"

What was your biggest break or most memorable gig ?

"Mine would have been December  2008, when I was an assistant stylist for Subina Schreder for a Russian Vogue photo shoot [which was an editorial photo shoot].Vogue alone the whole name is big,so I was mad geeked and mad excited so at that point I thought " Yeah I can really do this!!" Then Purple Magazine [which is a french publication] published my name online and I was credited for being a stylist for another editorial photo shoot.So it's kind of like having your name published for these big names was really a big boost."

Who are some of your favorite stylists ?

"Patricia Fields (stylist for Sex in The City), Sabina Schreder, Patty Wilson ( involved in some Heatherette fashion shows), Mariel Haenn (Rihanna's Stylist),Marni Senofonte (Mary J. Bliges stylist) and ShiNuh Holt"

If you could choose to style anyone, who would it be ?

"Remy Ma ! I'm not sure what it is but ever since I knew about her I just wanted to style her."

What do you think it take to become a successful stylist?

"Two important things,Knowledge and Contacts.As far as knowledge and Education you don't have to major or minor in anything specific but its just about updating yourself on style genres and on the "who's who" of the industry.Who you know gets you in the door and what you know keeps you there.And that's where networking and contacts come in,because you can know someone and they can give you a lead... But its based on your knowledge of the industry that will determine what makes you better than the next stylist."

Whats your favorite stylist trick?

"I use safety pins for everything..from shoes to shirts that are too big that need to be fitted.But what I'm big on is wide leg jeans and turn them into harem pants just by way of a safety pin."

What are some of the current projects your working on?

" Well actually there is a program where I'll be co-teaching with another stylist which are styling classes.. for ages 15-19 [happening this fall].I'm also planning a marketing and promotional campaign company, Dessenceofdenardo.And off course fashion shows and photo shoots are always in the works."

Age? : 27

Nationality? : Black&Choctaw (American-Indian Group in the south)

Shoe Count? : 95 (not including styling closet)
Your Favorite? : Black and White python leather cowboy boots

Chinese Food Order : 4 Fried Chicken wings (cut up,extra crispy with a duck sauce) French Fries with BBQ sauce, ketchup and hot sauce and an Ice-T.

Plaids or Stripes? : Plaids

Single? : Yes.Very Single

Facebook? : Denardo Jenkins

Website :

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