Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tiffany Johnson, Stylist/Rapper/Singer/Dancer/Model

Introducing Tiffany Johnson of Harlem , NY

When did you start each of your crafts?

"I've been singing for as long as I can remember , I started writing my own raps in my recent years (in 2006). I started dancing at the Dance Theatre of Harlem in elementary school and continued in Harlem PAL for years after . Styling started for me in 2007. I've grown very interested in the way clothes look and work together on people ."

Who/what inspires you ?

"I get inspired really easily , I can say I have a different inspiration for every one of my talents but its basically anything or anyone for that matter , who dares to be different and go for what they want . I hate the ordinary ."

Most memorable gig ?

"My most memorable gig would have to be between two that I had , Fashion week in 2006 and a Nike photoshoot in 2007 ."

If you could collaborate ( musicly) with anyone who would it be?

"I've always wanted to collab with Missy elliott , Diddy Timbaland ."

Who do you listen to ( music) ?

"I listen to every one but my top favorite artist are Jadakiss , Lupe Fiasco , Cam'ron as far as hip hop goes ."

Whose your favorite designer/sylist ?

"My favorite stylists are Rachel Zoe , and Patricia Fields ."

What different styles of dance are you into?

"I'm really big on hip hop modern , ballet , tap dancing , and contemporary ."

With so many different crafts, How do you manage to remain fresh in all areas?

"I didn't let a lot of my talents out until recently , but basically its more of the love for what I do that keeps me fresh . Plus I add my own swagger to everything : )"

How does New York inspire you ?

"New york inspires me in every way , you can find fashion and music in everything . There's so many different cultures to play off of living in NY , I honestly wouldn't have it any other way ."

What projects are you currently working on?

"I'm currently working on an EP , with my producer J Tell , we're basically trying to give the hip hop and pop world an introduction of me . I'm also working on my stylist portfolio && a photo shoot which should be done really soon ."

How can people reach you?

Facebook : Tiffany Johnson
Twitter : TiffStarVintage
MM :


  1. Humm def feeling the politeness of this blog. Super stars in the making huh? I can get with that movement, keep the dream alive.