Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rochelle Williams, Artist

Introducing Rochelle Williams of Queens,NY




When/ How did you start?

" I’ve been drawing since I was little but I started painting in the 10th grade when my art teacher, Ms Malloy made us use a different medium. I hated it so much and wondered why she would make me do something I suck at..but it grew on me (like those bangs I cut too short)..and now the paint brush, canvas and myself are conquistadores "

Who what inspires you?

 "I started of with van gogh, just the way he painted allowing for chunks of color to take shape and movement. Then came my environment, and most definitely my emotions (its extremely motivating especially if you’re furious) another muse is strong black women its absolutely beautiful. At times I use my poetry to influence my paintings making a great collage of different medias "

What is your favorite artist trick?

"I notice a lot of artist do the flick of the wrist thing, not me, I tend to stipple with my paintbrush (I ruin plenty but that’s just the way my mojo flows) "

Out of your pieces, What is your favorite?

"The lady with the chandilier "

If you could present a piece to a anyone who would it be?

"The world.. I cant just pick one.i find that question so impossible to answer, art should be seen by near and far. Its so powerful and has a great influential pull on the globe, which I am blessed to have a small slice in."

How does New York influence and inspire you?

"In so many ways: whether it’s the many people of different backgrounds, ethnicities,cultures, NYC is just a huge stew of energy and life that you can see in my abstract pieces."

Who are some of your favorite artists?

"Betye Saar who is a sculptor and installation artist

Kara Walker known for her black paper cutout silhouettes "

How would you describe your artistic style?


How have you evolved since your first painting/what have you learned?

"I have evolved being that I dare to try something new (ie: using sticks or soil as texture for my painting) not being afraid to destroy in order to create. And I have learned that you have to have fun with it it shows when you’re anal with your painting (well, at least for me)."

What projects are you currently working on?

"Working on my memoir and the poetry and images to go with it. In addition to my blog which is (so check that out)."

How can the people reach you?

"Definitely on my facebook which is “Rochelle Cannon Williams”

My twitter which is “r0r0sayz” and my blog on tumblir which is “ “

Ro CaNNon Presents: Chitty Chat

Honestly, at the tender age of a couple years ago I had too much to say. Having creativity scorched unto my left cheek by years of being an only child and my parents too busy working to really care...


Age : 19
Nationality : Jamaican
Chinese Food Order : Chicken Wings and French Fries
Footwear count : 50 + Moms Closet
Your favorite : Flip Flops
Plaid or Stripes : Plaid
Artist of Choice : Van Gogh
3 things you can't live without : Deodorant, Shea Butter, Oreos
Single ? : NO 
Twitter : @R0R0SAYZ
What inspires you ? : Emotion

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