Thursday, August 26, 2010

Joshua Bazemore, Model/Actor/Rapper

Introducing Joshua Bazemore of Brooklyn, NY

Most memorable rapping/acting/modeling gig?


"The most memorable rapping gig I would have to say is just being in the studio, which isn't really a gig but its definetly moments I will never forget. Just watching the track come from nothing into something is always beautiful. Then I get the chills in my body like its all new.I guess you get excited when you hear yourself threw speakers and everybody is rocking to it."


"The most memorable acting gig I would have to say was " Sex and the City 2". It was the first time I was on the set of a big production and  I met alot of people on set. Even tho I did background work and had a small role (which didn't make the film), it still was a beautiful and unforgettable moment.I'll never forget that."


Even tho I've done "Versace" and Japanese magazines like " Warp Magazine" I still will have to say the most
memorable moment is my first modeling gig which was " Marie Claire Magazine".I never thought I would see myself in that position.I  really never thought I'll see myself in any of these positions.I definetly have to thank the most high for these talents and experiences.

Which of your three crafts do you enjoy most?

"I will have to say music because of the fact its my first love and I've been around it all my life.
My dad is a DJ and just growing up with cassette tapes around the house always made me wonder
what did it take for me to be that person on the tape. Then in my early teen years I discovered that my cousin also did hip hop which was really dope to me. He introduced me to the studio and help me experience the hip hop environment from a different perspective.I always thought it was about hardcore music and gangster rap being that I'm a kid from Brooklyn,came to found out it was false (laughs). So as I grew up and I got into my late teens I got more acquainted with the artist side more than the rap side.

Who/what inspires you?

"I will have to say negativity and people who are below standards are the ones who inspired me because without them I don't think I will know what's right and whats wrong.The artist who inspired me were creative and unique people like Kanye West (the whole G.O.O.D Music),Ryan Leslie,Big,Jay and Outkast. Just people who aren't your typical and ordinary musicians. It's just fascinating to me how the mind thinks smh. Creativeness is wicked when it comes to music"

How do you manage your different crafts while remaining strong and fresh in each?

"Well just believing in what others cant do is how I manage.I never believed in being an "upcoming" person because I strongly believe my skill itself have already made it and its not like I'm a cocky person or confident but I'm just so sure that I made it already. Its a great mindset and I don't think it will ever reset.

As far as rapping goes, how would describe your style?

"My style would have to be an edgy,pure (raw) hip hop but yet in a artistry way. Alot of people just keep it raw,edgy and hip hop which is cool but in today's game it seems like it doesn't matter who has the best bars or who has the hottest flow,what matters is who can create a song and make it different from what you hear from your typical artist."

How do you think New York inspires what you do in all the arenas you cover?

"Well NY is a place where people are constantly working so I always felt like I  needed to be that white man in the business suit lol.I know it sounds weird but this is a place where dreams and opportunities get accomplished. So I always really wanted to be apart of that school of fish"

What projects are you currently working on?

"Well right now I'm working on some music with Hollywood producer Riffin Guess who also produced music for Kanye West, R.Kelly, Busta Rhymes, Good Charlotte, Weezer, Andre 3000, Eminem, Metallica, Velvet Revolver, 50 Cent, Matisyahu and many more.Theres no specific project as of now but I know an album will be in the works pretty soon. You'll be able to pick it up at best buy,itunes etc.So when its done, please look out for that"

How can  the people reach you?

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