Friday, August 20, 2010

This is why I do it..

Although the response I've been getting from this has been great, I know some people have their suspicions or uncertainties concerning my cause. All I'm trying to do is ENCOURAGE. I ask you questions that will jog your memory. Some will take you back to the first time you started your craft, and remind you why you love it so much. Other questions will show you the face of someone who is inspiration to you. It is easy to forget why you love what you do when everything seems to be going wrong or you  have lack of encouragement. Its hard when everyone is telling you to work a job that doesn't fulfill you or go to school when your not feeling it. Negative words from people you love and continuing to work hard all on your own are reasons young people lack ambition.I am here to inspire you, and through your inspiration I will be inspired. I'm trying to stir-up the dreams of every young person in the WORLD until the pot flows over and everyone that who doubted us and had negative words to give will have no choice but embrace and credit our talent.

Thank you for your support. Please Keep at IT!!!

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