Monday, August 23, 2010

Brian Henry aka Hollow Dreamz, Dancer/ Choreographer

Introducing Hollow Dreamz of BrooKlyn,NY




When did you start ?

" Around the age of 8 "

How did you get your nick name?

" My best friends dance name is Nightmare for his character and we are like 2 sides of a coin that's where I got " Dreamz " but it didn't fully fit because you would think he was the  scary one (when its was other way around lol) so I added Hollow in front of Dreamz makin HollowDreamz, because Hollow means empty. At the same time, I'm an anime head and a Hollow is a soul devoured by darkness. I feel that's my bad side where Dreamz is my good one. It goes half and half and when I dance I show it because sometimes I'm playful but other times I'm just a beast but I'm always endlessly creative, like a Dream "

"Who/what inspires you?

" I was shown videos of Mr. Animation and also some dancers I would see practice in the park ."

At what point did you know for a fact this what you wanted to do?

"Around the age of about 15 I realized if I wasn't dancing I wasn't happy so I found myself obsessed."

What is one of your most memorable gigs?

" I'd say one where I was in jersey (it was a simple show) I danced and whatever but on way home we passed a club with my friend and they thought we were strippers ! So we stripped crazy that night.After we left with our tips, we hit Ihop and didn't even have to pay because three Spanish guy who were so "turn't up" offered us to sit with them and had a blast and they paid the check but then we missed our train back to the city and had to pay for a 100$ cab smh "

What type of dance do you specialize in?

" I would say Krump and street dancing even though I've done different styles of dance this has been my passion and focus "

What kind of music do you dance to?

" Depends but mainly Buck Traxx which is Krump music or anything wit like a hip hop feel with a good enough amount of base in it "

Describe your style.

" My style would be like beastly non-human because I focus on avoiding the average movements.And character, I try to be very convincing as something that would be able to rip you in two =P "

Who are some of your favorite dancers ?

" Rapture, Raskel, Ryat, Mijo, (Krumpers) Pacman, Madd Chad (poppers) BBoy Menace and probably a few more but can't think of them right now "

How does New York inspire you?

" Everything about it ! The feel, its impact on who I am and how I live. I rep NY when I dance all the time. You can tell I'm from NY from my cap to street character, even though I'm an open nice guy it just drips off me. Coming up here is hard, but I feel it gives you an advantage because you get use to things never being easy so you stay hungry for life. But it can break also you, whereas for me I don't like to break "

What projects are you currently working on?

"Actually this fall will be teaching at Henry Street Settlement Abrons Dance Theater.So im working on choreo for my students.The show they do every year during the holidays called "Nutcracker In The Lower" I played Rat King before but this time I'm choreographing the whole Rat Piece it should be interesting "

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